US Senate Midterm Elections 2014-2014

Comparison of US Senate Midterm Elections
in the United States
Data Range
 2014 44-95492 Obama (D)PPACA, scandals

1. “Dem” includes anti-Federalists, Democratic-Republican Party, Jacksonians,
 and Democratic Party

2. “Rep” includes Federalists, pro-Adams, Whig Party, and Republican Party


Midterm Elections

MIDTERM ELECTIONS often signal a mild retreat for a newly elected president and his party. Often the second midterm of a two-term president turns out to be a raspberry from the voters. But a midterm election can also signal more, much more.

Using the table on the left you can look at all the midterms, for the US House or the US Senate going all the way back to the first midterm, in 1790. Just select the year range you want and the legislative chamber you want.

You can sort the data any way you want by clicking the column headings. And you can look at Wikipedia articles on each election by clicking the year or by clicking the "issue".

 — Christopher Chantrill

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